Does Your Vision of the Future Lead in the Same Direction as Doomsday Preppers?

It is very difficult to feel any animosity towards Doomsday Preppers since many of their concerns are justified. The world is having problems that are both manmade and natural, and the end of the world is imminent. Is it a matter of the doomsday preppers being a little crazy? Who is to say for sure since the economy is at an all-time low, governments aren’t working anymore and there is always the threat of war. That is just the manmade problems. What about the fact of wildfires destroying homes all over the US or drought destroying crops so there is less food for every one?

Are Doomsday Preppers Too Prepared?

Many people look at the extent that many doomsday preppers are going to. Some have brought in dried foods with 15 year shelf lives and have armed themselves to the teeth. They have weapons for every room of the house so they are never far from a firearm they can use for protection. Many have gas masks and bomb shelters in the event of a catastrophic war or natural disaster. They have a way out of their homes that will hopefully lead to safety regardless of the route they take. They are prepared or hope they are, for doomsday.

What about Non-Preppers?

Most non-preppers don’t understand the mindset of the doomsday prepper. They think they are taking things to the extreme. Preppers on the other hand don’t think non-preppers are taking things seriously enough. Non-preppers may not yet have been affected by unemployment, overthrown governments, food depletion or natural disasters. Some may believe they can shrug it off and expect things to get better. Doomsday preppers have as much trouble understanding why non-preppers don’t take any action at all. They believe non- preppers are the crazy ones for not taking some measures to protect themselves and their families.

Why Believe in Doomsday?

Many doomsday preppers believe that Christ is going to return very soon and life will be completely different. On the same note some people believe the anti-Christ will soon be in charge and that will be the end of life as we know it now. Not everyone looks at the religious aspect however. Some doomsday preppers believe it has everything to do with the Mayan Calendar which runs out in 2012.

What are You?

What side do you tend to fall on? Do you expect life is going to change significantly and we will have to defend ourselves and protect ourselves? Do you think life will continue along forever although there may be some tight situations we will all have to deal with? Who knows with any certainty who is right. Maybe doomsday preppers know what they are doing. Since they aren’t hurting anyone or breaking huge laws, they should be left alone to believe in what they want. On the other hand there may be nothing to all the talk of doomsday and no one needs to be that prepared. Only a doomsday prepper can decide if they are a prepper or not. No one on earth really knows the outcome.